You Don’t Need These Things In Your Home

You Don’t Need These Things In Your Home

The more, the merrier, right? Wrong.

With the minimalism movement still going strong, less is definitely more when it comes to the stuff in your home.

“But what about that fancy smoothie machine I saw that semi-famous, ridiculously good-looking lady using on Instagram?”

Well, we’re here to tell you to save your dollars and your storage space for other things. (And to maybe get your shopping tips from a more credible source.)

Don’t waste your money or clutter your cupboards; you don’t need these things in your home.


Sandwich Press

Sandwich presses are a waste of money and space. Your frypan does the exact same thing.

Seriously, just flip your sandwich over with a spatula in the frypan and you’ll get the same crispy, cheesy goodness without having to give up extra cupboard or bench space.

OK, this one could be debatable. In fact, it was a hot topic of debate among our readers. That’s why we’ve tried to make things right in our eulogy to the beloved toastie machine.


Deep Fryer

Fried foods are great – we’re not arguing with that. But did you know you can get the same crunchy and delicious chicken nuggets or fish and chips without splashing out on a deep fryer?

These things are pretty darn bulky, and unless you’re deep-frying breakfast, lunch and dinner, they’re not really worth it. Use a frypan or pot to deep fry your foods, and long tongs to avoid burns.


Smoothie Machine


#fitspo #cleaneating #plantbased #glutenfree #wegiveup.

The rise of Instagram and fitness influencers has seen an increase in demand for smoothie machines. And we just don’t get it.

You know your blender does the same thing, right? You don’t need both. This isn’t taco night.


Bread Maker

Another unnecessary kitchen appliance, bread makers take up heaps of space and can be pretty costly.

If you’re determined to make your own bread, just use the oven.


Magazines and Newspapers


There’s this thing called the internet, where your favourite magazine is probably available to read on a pretty website. The same goes for newspapers.

And if they’re not online, just swipe them from your GP’s waiting room or your hairdresser. Just kidding – but you could borrow them from a library if you simply must read the hard copy.



In this day and age, there’s really no need to have a clunky GPS taking up space on your dashboard or in your cupboard.

Chances are your smartphone already has one, or you can download one from the app store.



Again: library. And if you really want to go minimalist? Get a Kindle or similar e-reader.

While the smell of books is half the fun of reading for some, they can take up a lot of space and collect a lot of dust between reads.

If you’re done with your books, donate them to a library or second-hand bookstore. Or perhaps try hosting a garage sale.


CDs and DVDs


The same goes for CDs and DVDs.

Unless you take pride in your physical CD or DVD collection, or love the feeling of holding a special album in your hands, ditch the plastic and listen/watch online instead.

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