5 Reasons To Move Into A Tiny House

5 Reasons To Move Into A Tiny House

Feeling weighed down by your mortgage, home maintenance, and stuff filling your spare rooms? A tiny house could be the answer for a simpler, happier life. (Well, maybe.)

As housing costs soar and the minimalism trend grows, it’s no surprise Australians are giving up their large family homes for tiny houses.

These cosy homes aren’t just for singles and retirees, either. There are plenty of advantages that prove you can still live large in a tiny house. Here are our top five.


1. They Save You Money

Small house and piles of coins

Whether you’re building yourself or hiring professionals, tiny houses cost a fraction of the price of traditional homes. They eliminate the need for a mortgage loan with hefty interest costs, leaving more money in your pocket for the important stuff (like keeping the beer fridge stocked).

Having less space also means spending less money (and time) on maintenance, cleaning, and decorating your tiny house. You can also expect smaller power bills, as smaller appliances use less electricity, and it takes less electricity to heat and cool a smaller space.

Tiny tip: Save money by sourcing recycled materials to build your tiny house. Refurbishing old materials won’t just save you some serious dollars. It will also add character to your design.


2. You Can Move Them with You

Hands holding small house

Wish you could cut your commute to work? Want to experience life in another part of the country for a while? Leave those moving boxes where they are, because you can take your versatile tiny house with you wherever you go.

And if you have itchy feet and love to travel, a tiny house is the perfect way to take your creature comforts along with you on your adventures and avoid living out of a suitcase.

Tiny tip: Be sure to secure all loose items, cupboard doors and drawers before taking off. The last thing you need is to pull up at your next stop to find your clothes and cutlery all over the floor.


3. They Encourage You to Do More

Women doing yoga outside

When you have a large home filled with sources of entertainment and stuff, you might feel more obliged to stay in. When you have a tiny house, you’re kind of limited with your indoor activities.

This encourages you to get outside and do things, whether they be exercising, visiting friends and family, or exploring a new hobby.

Tiny tip: Having a tiny house doesn’t mean saying goodbye to entertaining. Get yourself some collapsible outdoor furniture and take the party outside.


4. They’re More Eco-Friendly

Tiny house

If being kind to the earth is your jam, there’s nothing you won’t love about tiny houses. They’re significantly more earth-friendly than traditional houses, using less electricity and producing less carbon dioxide.

Living in a tiny house gives you all the same comforts you love, but in a more sustainable way.

Tiny tip: If you want to really go green, go solar! Not just with solar panels, but with a solar oven, too.


5. They Encourage You to Declutter

Clearing out drawers in bedroom

When you don’t have much space for belongings, you only hold onto the important stuff. Downsizing to a tiny house forces you to live minimally, culling the excess baggage and keeping only the things you use and love.

And if you have stuff you still want but can’t make room for in your tiny home, you can simply store it in a self-storage unitDuh.

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