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5 Book Display And Book Storage Ideas

5 Book Display And Book Storage Ideas

There’s no doubt about it – physical books are here to stay.

Sure, eBooks try to lure readers in with the promise of reducing clutter and being easier to take on holidays, but let’s face it: There’s just no stopping a bookworm’s love for a good ol’ musty* book.

*Mustiness not guaranteed.

But just because we love our book collection, doesn’t mean we have to let them take over the house.

Put your prized books (e.g. your Harry Potter collection) on display and keep those guilty pleasures (e.g. 50 Shades) hidden with these creative book storage solutions.


1. Nooks and Crannies

Photo credit: homebunch.com

Those living in a small apartment don’t have the option of dedicating their limited living space to an enormous bookshelf with storage. In desperate times like these, you gotta use a little imagination.

Look around the home to see which nooks could pose as prime positions to display your favourite authors. The top of kitchen cupboards, along window sills, or stacked beside the TV cabinet can all work splendidly.


2. A Ladder Bookcase

Is your regular book display shelf looking just a little too boring? Pull out that old wooden ladder from the garage, dust it off, and turn it into your new bookshelf. Its rustic, antique-y vibe will complement your classic book collection – not unlike how a cup of Earl Grey goes perfectly with biscotti.


3. The Linen Closet

Unless you’re up to your ears in towels, there’s a good chance you can sacrifice a bit of space in the linen closet to store some of your much-loved reads.

And if you have an extra closet, why not transform it into a bookshelf? Remove the door and replace with a glass one to showcase your collection. Adding cabinet lighting will also help to make the book covers really pop.


4. Wall Book Rack

When floor space is low, it’s time to go vertical. Make floating bookshelves for your hard-covered novels.

They’re easy to install and give the illusion your books are being suspended by magic. Wingardium leviosa!


5. A Vintage Suitcase

Photo credit: etsy.com

Head to a flea market and scour through the goods ‘til you find the perfect vintage suitcase to keep your book collection in. Using a suitcase as a book display shelf means one moment it can be a stylish, indie way to flaunt your books, and the next it’s shut closed and moved below your bed to make more room for guests.

For those books you’d rather not have on display in your home, a self-contained storage unit is a terrific way to keep them in pristine condition. Unless, of course, you’re ready to reveal your closeted love for the Twilight series to the world. We won’t judge.

If you’re simply running out of room for your book collection, or even your other prized possessions, get a free quote with National Storage today!

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