10 Tips For Downsizing Your Life

10 Tips For Downsizing Your Life

Life, amirite?

In a time where busyness is a status symbol, owning the latest iPhone is an obsession, and our social feeds never sleep, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed.

We go to bed only to be bombarded with panicked thoughts:

  • I forgot to call mum back.
  • The car is overdue for a service.
  • That work deadline is looming.

We’re in a busyness epidemic, and we’re all exhausted.

Research by Medibank revealed the number of Australians struggling with stress rose from 3.7 million in 2007-2008 to 4.9 million in 2016-2017. Juggling too many things was reported as one of the key factors at 36%.

So how do we cut free from this ‘cult’ of busyness and downsize our lives?

Downsizing your life is all about having less stuff to worry about and more time to do the things you love.

These 10 tips for downsizing your life will help you reduce your stress and live a little simpler.


1. Eliminate Debt

Cutting debt concept

There’s nothing like a big fat credit card debt to cast a dark cloud over every pay day.

Money is a massive stressor for many Australians. In fact, a recent study shows over 50% of us are stressed about our finances, with nearly 85% saying it impacts our wellbeing.

Make it a priority to pay off your debts and get in the green by tackling one card/debt at a time, starting with the smallest one.


2. Only Buy What You Need

Refrain from wasting money and space in your home on stuff you don’t need.

It might be tempting to buy something just because it’s on sale, or to spring on a brand new dress because you don’t want to ‘outfit repeat’ at an upcoming event. But this will likely just lead to buyer’s remorse and limited closet space.

Put a little more thought into your purchases to make sure you’re only buying the necessities.

*Removes novelty hotdog pool inflatable from cart.*


3. Declutter Excess Belongings

Pile of books declutter concept

Studies show most Australians live in a cluttered home, with over 25% reporting this clutter causes them stress and anxiety.

Take a weekend to clear out your clutter for a tidier, more functional home.

Do Aussies have too much stuff compared to the rest of the world? Find out in this fun article.


4. Meal Prep In Bulk

Do you find thinking about what to have for dinner more stressful than actually cooking it?

A great way to save time hunting for recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking is to prepare your meals in bulk.

Find a few delicious meal ideas and buy your ingredients in bulk, then prepare them for the week. You might like to make this your new Sunday arvo activity so you have more time on weeknights to catch up with family or watch The Bachelor with friends – whatever you’re into.


5. Create A Cleaning Schedule

Downsizing your life - cleaning schedule concept

Housework quickly piles up and, before you know it, your weekend is usurped by the vacuum and mop.

Creating a cleaning schedule or simply dedicating a little time each day to knocking over a specific chore can eliminate this problem.

For example, you might like to dedicate Thursday nights to cleaning the floors and scrubbing the shower. This takes some of the work out of the weekend so you can spend more time relaxing.


6. Say No

How many Saturdays have you wasted at obligatory birthdays, baby showers, and other social events you’d rather not attend?

There’s nothing wrong with saying no every now and then. Filling your social calendar to the brim leaves you time-poor and stretched thin. Don’t feel guilty for putting your mental health first and declining an invitation so you have time to tick off your to-do list or simply have a sleep-in.

That’s why saying no was one of our Top 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2019.


7. Get Outside

Downsizing your life - outdoors concept

Spending time in nature is known to have a positive impact on our mental health and our physical wellbeing.

Trust us. Science says so.

And who can say no to some towering trees, colourful flowers, and friendly doggos?


8. Have Quiet Time

Whether it’s going for a walk, reading a good book, or simply sitting with a cuppa, never underestimate the healing powers of quiet time – especially when enjoyed alone.

According to Psychology Today, a few benefits of solitude include:

  • Rested mind and body
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased productivity
  • Self-discovery.


9. Reduce Time Spent Online

Downsize your life - looking at phone

How much time do you waste scrolling through your socials or falling down the rabbit hole of random YouTube videos?

Imagine all the tasks you could be ticking off if social media wasn’t sucking the productivity out of you.

Try limiting your screen time and prioritising more important stuff to stay on top of your to-do list.


10. Remove Unnecessary Information

Thanks to the internet, there’s a whooole lot of information available to us at the click of a button. While this can be a great thing, it can also be pretty darn overwhelming. Especially if the information is making us feel bad about ourselves (we’re looking at you, “insta models”).

If you’re feeling inundated by information and updates you don’t find beneficial, unfollow or unsubscribe from those people or pages.

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