Meet The Team: National Storage Chatswood

National Storage Chatswood Exterior

While some people may argue that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, they’d be quite embarrassed to step inside a National Storage centre and see just how wrong they are. Quite embarrassed indeed.

You can keep your Beatles and ABBA and Charlie’s Angels. When it comes to supergroups, the team at National Storage Chatswood are all we need.

Get to know more about the team right here.

National Storage Chatswood Interior


4 Fast Facts about National Storage Chatswood

  1. The centre is just a short walk away from a beautiful park, Artarmon Reserve. Why not head over for some fresh air or a BBQ after visiting your storage unit?
  2. Chatswood’s storage units range from a tidy 1m2 to a generous 25m2 – there’s a unit for every storage need here.

National Storage Chatswood is also a ParcelPoint location, making your online shopping even easier. Learn more about ParcelPoint here.

  1. These guys are serious about keeping your stuff safe. Their centre has 24-hour security surveillance and PIN coded access.
  2. Their undercover loading and unloading dock makes for easy access to storage units (no heaving heavy furniture up and down stairs!). They’re also open 7 days a week, so you can come and grab your clubs and tee off on the weekends.


Meet the Manager: Paul

Manager National Storage Chatswood - Paul

Now, we might be biased, but we think Paul is one charming guy. He holds the key to all your storage needs (but not literally – only you have access to your storage unit), and he loves nothing more than helping customers find their ideal storage space.


What’s the strangest thing Paul has seen someone use their storage unit for?

Some customers wanted to keep their pet bird at the centre while they were travelling. Paul had to send them away to find another option for their feathered friend as live animals are one of the things you can’t put in your storage unit.

And the coolest?

Another customer kept their classic Ferrari in self-storage. Paul and his team found this hot ride pretty impressive!

Check out some of the other interesting things the National Storage units have seen in our Self-Storage Stories.

Which item in the Box Shop matches Paul’s personality?

The storage bag.

Moving Bag

Paul says they’re flexible like he is with customers when offering bespoke solutions to their storage needs.

What’s Paul’s favourite thing about working for National Storage?

In his own words: “People, people, people!”


The Chatswood Team

Paul may be running the show down at the Chatswood National Storage centre, but he’s backed by a mighty fine team. We asked a few nosy questions to get to know them a bit better.


Describe the Chatswood team in 3 words?

“Energetic, efficient and customer-focused.”

Who’s the funniest person on the team and why?

“Andrew B. He has amazing people skills.”

Is anyone on the team flexible enough to fit inside a tea chest carton?

“Haven’t tried yet.” (Well, there’s no time like the present! Time for a team-building exercise, perhaps?)

If the team was trapped in a storage unit for 24 hours with only 1 song to play on repeat, what song would you choose?

“We Are the Champions by Queen.”

If the team could build any famous monument out of cardboard, what would you build?

“Eiffel Tower.” (We’d like to see that – get building, guys!)


Now you know the team (and their taste in music) a little better, you’ll know exactly who you’ll be speaking to when you visit National Storage Chatswood.

  • Call: 02 9420 2225
  • Visit: 1 George Place, Artarmon, NSW 2064 (the office is open 8-6 on weekdays, 8-5 on Saturdays, 10-4 on Sundays; customers can access their unit any time during these opening hours).

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